Best 85 inch tv reviews

Televisions are very much widespread nowadays and most of the people in the world have one in their homes. Even the kids love TVs and they just keep watching different channels of cartoons which makes the parents complete their work and take a rest. Also, when you don’t want to go out and just want to stay at your home, you can just enjoy your time watching movies, series, playing games, learning something new, etc. on your television in just a few buttons.People love televisions with big screens which offers high picture quality and resolutions and also, the smart TVs which are compatible with home devices or appliances. They also love it when the TV supports Google home or Google assistant or AlexaTelevisions are very costly and expensive and thus it is essential to consider many aspects before purchasing one. We should know various features that a television is offering and match those with our requirements. To make this task easy, we have collected and compiled a list of 5 different TVs which you can consider. Check them out here: 

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Top 85 inch tv

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1. Sony XBR-X850G 4K Ultra HD LED TV.

Sony XBR-X850G 4K Ultra HD LED TV.

  • High dynamic range: This Sony XBR-X840G television comes with a high resolution of ultra 4K HD. This high level of resolution can enhance the brightness and the detailed quality of the display.
  • High practicality: This television has a display that is Triluminos which has that ability to create a wider spectrum of various vibrant colors of blue, green and red. 
  • Audio that is captivating: The audibility of this television can perfectly be synced with the on-screen motion.
  • Android television: This television is of 85 inches and is a flat screen television. Also, this smart TV has in-built Google assistant and it is even compatible with Google Home and Alexa.
  • Remastered the contrast: The objects are boosted to adjust complete contrast for a view of realistic and natural imaging. 
  • No blur in motion: This Sony television allows you to watch a lifelike and realistic on-screen action with nearly no blur with a technology of motion flow XR.
  • This product comes with a Television stand, a remote, a power cord, batteries, start guide along with a manual and an IR blaster.

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2. Samsung 85″ Class 4K Ultra HD.

Samsung 85" Class 4K Ultra HD.

  • 100 percent color volume along with the Quantum Dots: This Samsung Class 4K ultra HD television is powered by Quantum Dots. It offers you over a billion different shades of excellent and brilliant colors with a 100 percent color volume for an extraordinary depth of each detail which will attract you directly into the picture for the experience of best 4K TV quality. 
  • 4K Quantum Processor: This Television has been designed with intelligent and smartly powered quantum processor with an instant glamorous content to a 4K resolution for sharp and high-quality detail. This is a refined color boundless with a 360° design and a broad viewing angle color of slate black stand Color. It is graphite black bezel free design.
  • Quantum HDR 8x: This Ultra HD TV has a depth of detail of 4K resolution with a great dynamic range which is powered by HDR10 plus which delivers the lightest colors to the darkest colors according to the scene by scene which ensures you the amazing and excellent picture quality realism on the 85 inches of big screen. 
  • Direct Full Array backlight 4x: This smart Tv has different concentrated zones of the precision-controlled LEDs which auto adjusts the contrast colors between ultra-deep blacks and pure whites, thus revealing the hidden details even in the dark scenes. 
  • Features of a Smart TV: There is 1 remote to control all the devices that are compatible, with an on-screen Universal guide, a Bixby voice command. The SmartThings feature is to control the home devices and appliances which are compatible along with a smart speaker expandability with compatibility of Alexa and Google Assistant. It also has 3 USB connections for a LAN port 802. It includes an in-built Wi-Fi Bluetooth.

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3. Sony XBR85X900F 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV.

Sony XBR85X900F 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV.


  • Beyond HD: This Sony X900F Ultra HD TV offers you the best picture quality in 4K HD. With this excellent quality plus a high vigorous range color, a detailed and contrast color combination and a full array technology of local dimming, you can enjoy a lifelike and realistic picture, with increased contrast and noteworthy brightness that is all packed jut inside this astonishing slim design. 
  • nIncreased quality: This Tv features the processor of X1 Extreme, with a 4K X-Reality PRO and an X-tended dynamic Range PRO 6x. Thus, this television offers you greater brightness and a broad contrast range. You can enjoy a detailed and more powerful image processing in real-time whether you are watching a movie or surfing the channels or playing any video games. 
  • Premium display: This model includes technology of X-Motion Clarity and also a triluminos display. The X-Motion technology offers you the best clarity in fast action which controls the blurriness of the image quality and maintains a smooth, bright and clear picture quality in whatever you are watching. This triluminos display is combined with a technology of 4K HDR Super Bit Mapping which ensures to provide you the brightest, widest and a most intense color palette.
  • Voice control: This Product offers you compatibility in voice control with Google Home and Alexa. This means that you just have to ask your television to do things such as controlling the videos or casting from YouTube with the help of Google Home or just change the volume or the channel with Alexa. It also has an in-built Google Assistant through which you can talk into the remote for playing movies or checking your favorite team’s scores and many more. 
  • Many inputs: This TV supports the inputs such as HLG, HDR10 and Dolby Vision. The TV features 2 USB2. 0, 4 HDMI and 1 USB3. A composite port of 0 and 1 is there for switching between various input/output options in your favorite gaming consoles, devices, and much more. 
  • The product includes batteries, a voice remote control, IR blaster, AC Power Cord Spec, Supplement CUE / Quick Setup Guide, Operating Instructions and a table top stand for which assembling is required. The power consumption needed is 380 watts as against the stand-by mode which requires only 0.5 watts of power consumption. 

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4. Sony X950G 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

Sony X950G 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

  • High Dynamic range: Because of the great dynamic range, you can experience an incredibly detailed view and picture quality along with the clarity and brightness of a resolution of 4K UHD. 
  • Immersive audio: The audio/ Multi-Audio is easily and effectively synced with the action to create a sound from a picture reality. 
  • Excellent realism: This model allows you to enjoy vibrant colors and clear images with the help of triluminos display and a technology of 4K HDR super bit mapping. This type of display with high resolution is known as premium display which showcases amazing picture quality.
  • An Android TV: This 85-inch TV with a flat screen comes with an in-built Google Assistant, Alexa and Google Home compatibility, thereby making your TV a Smart TV.
  • X-Wide angle: This TV has a broad angle thus enabling you to sit anywhere in your room/Hall and enjoy an incredible realistic and lifelike color without facing the problems of not getting a clear view from different angles. This ensures that you can also watch TV along with doing some of your household chores or any other things.
  • No motion blur: This feature of the TV ensures you to experience a real-life on-screen action with no motion blur which is possible with technology of Motion flow XR.
  • The product comes with a TV stand, batteries, remote, IR blaster, power cord, start guide and a manual. 

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5. Sony 85″ 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

Sony 85" 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

  • Full Array backlight: This model comes with a local dimming for a more accurate dynamic range. It has processor of X1 Extreme, X motion clarity and X tended dynamic PRO. This X tended Dynamic Range PRO 6x range of contrast offers you a broader range of brightness and picture quality is amazing and excellent that just overwhelms you. 
  • Display: The display is Triluminos, which enables you to have an experience of a smooth and vibrant color contrast display. It comes with a 4K HDR Super bit mapping technology too.
  • An android compatible TV: The TV is compatible with Google Home, Alexa and Google Assistant technology which makes your TV smart and genius. This feature allows you to Live Stream, download your content or shopping or other apps from the Google Play Store.
  • The product comes with batteries, AC Power Cord, IR blaster, Voice remote control and a Table Top Stand.

This new generation is becoming a technology-oriented generation with many people opting for new different technologies and trying them out. People knowing about technology are considered as “Smart” ones and even many students are very much interested in technological aspects. There is one such technology which widely revolutionized the world. That technology is popularly known as Television. 

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