Best iPhone 6 Plus Belt Clip Case Review

Best iPhone 6 Plus Belt Clip Case Review 2020

Mobiles are not just devices to communicate or to use social media they are like world of the people. The use of mobile phones increases in our life from sending emails to clicking pictures, from sending or uploading documents to perform various functions which not only include personal information but official too. While there are various mobile phones in the market , in which Apple iphones topped the list not only of best mobiles phones but also of very expensive too. Due to the price one needs to protect the mobile phone here particularly iphones from damage or dust. For the protection variety of belt clip cases prevails in the market which protect the iphones. 

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Here is the list of best iPhone 6 Plus Belt Clip Case :

1.Olivia Arriola Replacement Holster Belt Clip

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It is compatible with iPhone 6 plus, iphone 6 S plus, iphone 7 plus and iphone 8 plus and is a generic and non OEM belt but is not compatible for iPhone 6, iPhone 6 S, iphone 7 and iPhone 8. These are made of PC high quality material and has best kickstand belt rotation. While it is not a case but a defender that can be worn in any position. 

Additional features :

– offer 360 degree rotation

– belt clip swivels and locks into belt

2.ELV Holster Case iPhone 6 S plus or 6 plus

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It provides protection of dual layers and is made of polycarbonate and silicone of high quality and of premium grade.  It is designed to fit in every device and has quality of easy access to its buttons, sensors and ports without interference. While there is no need to remove case during charging and one can use camera lens, headphone jack microphone and speakerphone without any problem. It provides ultra level protection and performance with hybrid design.  

Additional features :

– Kickstand performance that provides convenience during video and chatting

– IELV stylish

– Screen protector

– Easy installation

3.PiTau iPhone 8, iPhone 6 S, iphone 7 Leather Case

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It is 100 percent hand made and is compatible for iphone 6 S, iphone 8, iphone 7.  Pouch can be loop on a belt which can hold an iPhone 6, iPhone 6 S, iPhone 7, iPhone 8 while its slim appearance makes it more attractive and it has a slot for

ID cards and extra stuff can also easily fit or put into. One can even wear it with or without belt. While the card holder slot has a magnetic closure which protect not only cards but iphone too.

Additional features :

– Has interior cushion

– Fine material is used

4.Alpha Cell IPhone 6 plus ,iphone 6 S plus cover

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It provides triple military protection to full body with heavy duty hybrid armour. While it has five different open sides for fingerprint, camera, reader,  front and bottom speaker to protect iphones which makes it shockproof, Dustproof as well as drop proof. While it offers non slip grip and and has thick outside design and strong cushion inside. While its edges provides military grade protection. 

Additional features :

– Hardshell from outside

– Durable clip

– Attach to belts

– Hand free video due to rear stand

– Unmatch resilience

5.Debin iphone 11 Pro Max, iPhone Xs Max, iphone 6 plus, iphone 7 and iphone 8 plus

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It is made of leather which is loop on a belt and has a soft finish.  While it is attractive and secure which makes it more convenient and everything can be fit in it easily. It is unique and made of quality materials. It has 2 added durable and secure belt loops and has a magnetic closure. One big smart phone can be easily placed in it which provides complete protection. 

Additional features : 

– Secure

– Soft  touch finish

– Magnetic closure

6.Alpha Cell Holster Belt Clip

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It is compatible with iPhone 6 plus, iphone 6 S plus, iphone 7 and Iphone 8 plus and also with Otterbox defender. One can wear it according to their preference and also it can be locked in various positions. It gives hand free viewing, working,  listening with double kickstand and its 360 degree rotation makes it more convenient to use. While anything can be fit into the case easily. 

Additional features :

– Prevent drop

– Prevent damage

– Made of tough polycarbonate

7.PTUNA iphone 6 Case,  iphone 6 S plus Defender Case with Belt Clip

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It is compatible with iPhone 6 plus or 6 S plus and is drop proof and anything can be fit into it easily.  It provides total protection due to its hard outer shell and also protect the screen. While its kickstand makes it easy and convenient as it makes it possible to use phone hand free due to which phone can be used during walking, cycling, running and riding. Its protective layer makes it shockproof and Dustproof . Additionally, it also has solid and soft outer shell. 

Additional features :

– Rugged rubber case

– Heavy duty built in

– Easy access to all buttons

– Full body protection

The belt clip cases protect the iphones from dust, bump and shock.  It is also convenient to use as these cases can rotate 360 degrees due its kickstand function. While it is easy to use as they provide military grade protection and it also protects the screen from damage along with this one can easily use camera lens, headphone jack, microphone, fingerprint reader, front and bottom speaker. And its extra slots for cards makes it more useful. Additionally,  it can be used with or without belt and also can be lock along with this it also has a magnetic closure which protect not only cards but iphone too. It is not only attractive but also soft and durable. While its soft inner and hard outer shell makes it more protective for iphones.

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