Best Knife with Glass Breaker and Seatbelt Cutter

Best Knife with Glass Breaker and Seatbelt Cutter Reviews 2020

Nowadays accidents are quite common due to various reasons.  While one needs to be alert all the time to avoid such mishappening. It is well said,  ” precaution is better than cure” therefore one must also be prepared to face various things.  The knife with the glass breaker and seatbelt cutter is introduced by taking all the important aspects into consideration.  These knives are best when someone stuck into car. These knives help to break glass and also to cut the seat belt which ensure safety as such situations are life threatening and can even cause mental trauma.

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Here is the list of best knife with glass breaker and seatbelt cutter :

1.IPOW High Carbon Hard Car Safety Hammer

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It is designed to ensure maximum safety as it has tips on both side the sides which is made of carbon steel and also has the protective bracelet that helps it to fix it in a place. While its bright orange colour makes it  visible even in the dark. It has a razor blade and has handles which are skip free and makes it easy to break window. It has 101.3 gram of weight and can be easily fit into door pocket, glove compartment, armrest box etc. 

Additional features :

– Easy to use

– Stainless steel

– Anti kid cutter


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It is an assisted open glass breaker and seatbelt cutter that has black blade along with shield of fire fighter which makes it easy to break window and die to its sharp edges it is very easy to cut seat belt but it requires more force to break the glass of the window. The knife is of good quality and has fine screw. While it is not treated with hot steel but has sharp edges. 

Additional features :

– Spring action

– Great size

– Easy to use

– Fine and sharp blade

3.SINSEN Car Safety Hammer

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It contains 10 pieces which makes it two in one as it can be used by any family member, friend and more.  It helps in auto escape during an emergency and is designed cleverly. It has cone head on its both sides that work perfectly to break the window glass. While its razor has sharp blades which is mounted with curve that ensure safety of user. It’s double sided steel cones ensure that glass break easily in less efforts. While its razor is made of high quality material which make sure that seat belt cut easily and quickly. While its orange colour makes it visible even in the dark. 

Additional features :

– Protective bracelet

– Cone head hammer

4.StateGear Supervizor XT Auto Emergency Rescue Escape Tool

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It has a stainless steel cutter 440 and also has the glass breaker of carbide tip which makes it easy to use and break the glass. While its size is small but it is much more powerful and easy to use.  While its clip on the visor of the car ensure accessibility and can be used by anybody along with driver. While its weight is 7.2 ounces and its grip is made of nylon which makes it anti slip. It is ideal to break the glass and also to cut the seat belt easily. 

Additional features :

– Stainless steel

– Nylon grip

5.ANVIL BLADESMITHS Bullshark G – 10 8CR 13 Knife with Glass Breaker and Seatbelt Cutter

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It is perfectly fit for pocket due to its small size 8.25 inch and is one hand open. It has lightweight and has a good grip. It can be used in both dry as well as wet conditions. 

Additional features :

– Quality material

– Premium steel

6.Columbia River Knife and emergency multi tool

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It has carbide glass breaker of  car window and it has a special feature that offers led during emergency and non emergency.  It has high quality of steel that is perfect for cutting seat belts. It can be easily fold which makes it fit on the strap of the seat belt. It is not only affordable but also simple and easy to use.  Its razor blades are made of carbon and are sharp that can easily cut the belt. While its LED use CR 2032 3 – volt of lithium energy for battery. Its handles are made of nylon which makes it easy to hold and its lightweight further enhance the convenience. It allows quick escape due to its multi tool style.

Additional features :

– Plain grind

– Automotive safety

– Clip to seat belt 9030

When it comes to life everyone want safety from all the aspects that can cause harm. These knife can be use anytime when one stuck in car or car flips or drown in water it become difficult to made escape as car’s door, window and seat belt jam. Therefore these knives can be used easily and are very helpful in such conditions as due to these knives it is easy to break a window and cut seat belt. While the consistent advancement in technology the knives have gone through several changes and now they have led which flashes during emergency and non emergency along with this the handle of these knives are made of nylon which helps to hold them easily. Not only this the double head of hard cone ensure easy escape and also these knives can be used in both dry as well as wet conditions without losing the grip on the handles and has multiple tool style. Along with this the bright colour of knives makes it more convenient to use it even in the dark. These knives are sharp and are very helpful in such conditions as it is made of premium quality steel which is also stainless along with this they are of lightweight . These knives are also affordable and are anti kid and are of great size as they can be fitted into door pocket, glove compartment, armrest box.

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