Best Night Vision Driving Glasses

Best Night Vision Driving Glasses

Safety is always remain a matter of concern while nowadays accidents are quite common due to various reasons, one of them is the sharp or bright light that makes the driver blind for a while but this can lead to major accidents. To avoid such affects night vision glasses are use while driving.

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Here is the list of best night vision driving glasses :

1.Gatang Night Driving Vision Glasses

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Width of lens is 2.37 and height is 1.61. These glasses helps in decreasing the glare and also reduce stain on eyes while driving along with this it clarify the colour and vision. It is ideal for season like rainy or cloudy which ensure safe driving and also prevent eyes from the explore of harsh environment. While its yellow lens provide clearer view and also protect the eyes from light with the help of anti reflection coating.  And it is completely wrap which makes it easy to fit on other glasses such as prescribed glasses along with all this it maintains full vision. 

Additional features :

 – Polarised

– Unisex

– HD night driving lenses

2.Lumin Night Driving Glasses

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It provides protection from UVA and UVB rays . It reduce glare as well as ensure visibility of road and colours. It can be used in rain, mist,  fog and smog due to its lightweight and comfortability. It prevents eyes from harmful bright light and block bright light through its yellow lumin coating which ensures visibility. Men and women both can use it because of its stylish look and also it provides superior comfort. 

Additional features :

– Eliminate glare

– Can be use outdoor

– Improve road safety

– Peripheral vision

– Low yellow tint is used

3.VEOEY HD Night Vision Glasses

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Its frame is made of aluminium and magnesium which make these lenses anti reflective. It provides amazing or clear vision at night and also reduce eye strain and improve vision not only at night but also during the rainy season, cloudy weather. It is flexible and its arms or handles can be stretch up to 10 degrees which make it fit for various types of face which not only makes it comfortable but also prevent falling. While its yellow tint block the blue light which is harmful for eyes not only this it also effectively provide protection to the UV400 rays. It can also be used while fishing, racing, cycling etc. 

Additional features :

– Filter harmful blue light

– Block strong light

– Reduce reflection

4.GOUDI Night Vision Driving Polarised Glasses

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Yellow lens 99.99 % prevent eyes from strong light and ensure safety. It has flexible arms and has comfortable nose pads due to which one can wear it for a long time and can easily fit to any face.  It is ideal for fishing, raining, fogging, cycling, running and all outdoor activities. While its various types of frame such as aviator, retro rectangular and half frame which makes it more attractive.  Its arms can stretch up to 10 degrees and it is of lightweight and comfortable. It make the vision clearer . It also block bright light. 

Additional features :

– Unisex

– Aluminium and magnesium frame

– Reduce reflection

5.SOXICK Polarizing Glasses

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They provide HD vision and has a metal frame with the width of 2.52 . They decrease the light and also eye stain and also prevent eyes from sharp glare of street lights and headlights .It is lightweight and has simple and classical style and is made of aluminium and magnesium which makes it more durable and if held or care properly it remain scratch less. It is perfect for driving at night, foggy and rainy season. It ensures clear vision along with clear focus. It prevents eyes from sharp light. 

Additional features :

– Durable

– Anti reflective

– Prevent eyes from strain

– Anti glare

6.SOXICK Driving Glasses

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It provides HD vision and its yellow lens prevent the eyes from light and men and women both can use it. It is fashionable and stylish . Its make vision clearer and also improve colour quality or visibility.  They are ideal for rainy, foggy and cloudy weather. They fit on any face and is flexible .

7.NOVATICA Anti Glare Night Driving Polarised TAC Glasses

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They provide HD vision and protect eyes from UV rays and can be used by both men and women. Its yellow TAC 90 provide clear view and they are stylish and durable.  It is best for outdoor activities like hiking, fishing, cycling and running as well as for indoor activities too. It reduces glare and is ideal for active lifestyle. While it decrease UV radiation affect which sunscreen cannot do along with this it prevent fatigue of eyes. It not only prevent eyes from sharp light but also enhance visual effect. It does not improve visibility in low light as they are not coated with revo or mirror layer.

Additional features :

– Soft nose pad

– Anti slip arm tips

8.SOXICK Night Vision Driving Anti Glare Glasses

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These glasses are stylish and safer while driving along with its lens width is 2.52 inches , are 2.7 inches with 3.6 inches wide. It has yellow lens which provide 90 % of protection from light. It is durable, strong, lightweight,  flexible and has high elasticity because it is made of aluminium and magnesium and can easily fit on various faces. It is traditional and classical and is perfect for driving at night, foggy, cloudy and rainy season along with other outdoor activities. It is lighter than other traditional glasses up to 57 %.

Additional features :

– Ensure long time driving

– Magnificent strong quality

– Prevent eye disease

– Easy to clean by soft cloth

– Have hard case

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