Best Pedometer For Kids

Best Pedometer For Kids Review 2020

Good health is the demand for all age groups from kids to adults or elders. Pedometer are devices that are used to estimate the complete record of foot steps, distance covered, heart rate, calories burned by kids, young and elders. Regular physical activities makes our physical appearance more appealing but also makes one physically and mentally strong.

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Here is the list of best Pedometer for kids

1.LETSCOM Fitness Tracker

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It is compatible with every smartphone and track the total step in a day, calories burned and distance cover along with this it alert the kids to do physical activity when they are at rest for long periods. It tracks all the activities 24 hours and also make the record or track sleep as well as heart rate. It records the running, riding and hiking etc like 14 other exercises with the help of GPS mobile phone. Additionally, it also has the feature to notify the user of message, call, email, etc.

Additional features 

  •  Measures deep, light and wake up sleep
  • Breathe training
  •  Colour screen
  •  Sedentary alert
  • Waterproofz 

2. Trendy Pro Kids Fitness Tracker for kids

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It is easily adjustable and lightweight while it’s designed for the age of 5 year with child safe technology and it is improved . While its various colours allow it to match with different clothes which makes it more attractive. It shows time while one can set silent alarm and sedentary reminder. It also track or record sleep time, calories burned and also alert to drink water. Along with this it helps in finding the phone through voice. It works when connected to a smartphone and it is easy to get all the detailed information through phone 

Additional features 

Sync all the messages, calls,  social media


 Allow tagging friends to compete

3. YOYOFIT Slim Kids Fitness Tracker

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It tracks multiple sports such as football,  cycling, basketball, etc with the help of GPS and also provide notifications of alarm, calls, text, social media, sedentary alarm. While it maintains a record of calories burned, total steps, distance covered, heart rate, etc. It is not only waterproof but also sweat proof and Dustproof but cannot be worn while swimming and showering. It also track light and deep sleep along with quality of sleep. While its lightweight and slim body makes it more convenient to use. Additional features :

 Sleep plan development

 8 select adorable dial face

 Easy to hang call

 Digital alarm clock

4. BIGGERFIVE Fitness Tracker Watch

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It is not only for kids but also for teens and is compatible with android 4.4 above and iOS 7.1 above but cannot compatible with tablets or J series of Samsung. It is perfectly suitable for kindergarten,  students of primary and junior high school. While it is available in 5 different colours and is child friendly. It is easy to set sedentary alarm, drinking water alarm, wake up alarm, study alarm and also it track light and deep sleep too. Its battery lasts up to 7 days once fully charge and also inform about calls, messages etc.  And record total steps, distance traveled, calories burned, etc.

Additional features 

 USB charging

 Long lasting battery


 Multi function

5. OumuEle Fitness Tracker

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It records the heart rate, calories burned, total steps, distance cover along with this it also track the sleep. It is compatible with smartphone and provides complete 

Information of calls, text messages, emails on the wrist. While once it is completely charged its battery lasts up to 7 to 15 days and can be charged with USB. Along with all these functions it also record heart rate. While it has control over camera along with complete record of foot steps, distance covered, calories burned, pace and duration of activities. And it is compatible with all smartphones with iOS 8.0 above and android 4.4 above and Bluetooth 4.0 .

Additional features 


 Anti lost function

 Sedentary alarm

6. Garmin Vivofit Jr. Kids Fitness Activity Tracker

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It is stylish and is waterproof . It is comfortable and secure for kids and also encourage them to do more and more physical activity through rewards and also different adventurous activities.  For security parents can also track and assign a variety of activities to children. Its battery lasts for a long time to one year and there is no need to charge it again. It record steps and sleep. 

Additional features 

 Kids friendly

 60 minutes physical activity is recommended


 Silent alarm

 Control through mobile

6. TOOBUR Fitness Activity Tracker Watch for kids, men, women

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It is compatible with android 4.4 above, iOS 4.0 above and bluetooth 4.0 but is not compatible with ipad, tablet,  window system or J series of Samsung. It works with the help of mobile application and provide details of every physical activity such as steps, distance travelled, calories burned along with this it also reflect sleep information. It is waterproof, rain proof, bathing proof and splash proof. While it control the camera. Notify about the call, sms,  sns, etc.

Additional features 

 Vibrating alarm

 Display notifications

 Record heart rate

 Slim and high quality

These pedometers are child friendly and encourage the children to perform various physical activities which enhance their health. While these pedometer work when connect to a smartphone through which parents can also track the progress of their children and also assign tasks to them. With more advancement these pedometer has the ability to control the camera and also their battery life is long.  Not only this pedometer are waterproof, sweat proof even bath proof. It not only record the steps but also record heart rate along with this it also reflect sleep information and it is easy to set sedentary alarm, drinking water alarm, wake up alarm, study alarm.

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