Best Pellet Stove Inserts for sales review

Best Pellet Stove Inserts for sales review in 2020

The season of winter is nice and more enjoyable with our loved ones with the chilling breeze surroundings but holding the hands of our loved ones makes it more pleasurable. Just like we care a lot about our family and friends, the pellet stove inserts cares about us along with the environment. In simple words, pellet stove inserts are such appliances which can be installed in our existing fireplace and they provide us a number of many benefits. 

Using a pellet stove, we can enjoy fire of wood without even having the requirement of chopping and storing the wood. The benefits of these pellet stove inserts include energy saving, very easy installation, two different heat settings that can be adjusted according to our requirements, comes with multiple modes of operating along with giving a very stylish and amazing look to our rooms. These inserts are pollution less and money saving too along with a warranty period provided with the companies. These stove pellets are secured and safe to use with ETA or ETL certifications.

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Top Pellet Stove Inserts for sales review

1. R.W. FLAME 36″ Electric Fireplace Insert

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  • Easy installation: This recessed and freestanding fireplace insert is easy to install and is an ideal product for all different kinds of events at offices, homes, etc. wherever the heat and the perfect ambiance is required. It uses a 120V.
  • Energy saving and 2 heat settings: This fireplace insert comes with LED technology of energy saving. It operates with both 750W and 1500W for purposes of different weather conditions and rooms which can be easily adjusted for both the purposes of warmth and energy saving. This stove insert can be operated without or with heat and its supplemental zone warming is for up to 400 sq. Ft.
  • Secured and safe: This pellet stove insert is ETL Certificate Approved and has a 170cm of power cable. This is a wall mounted pellet stove insert heater with LED ice flame and fire. To avoid the super heating, this stove insert also has an auto-heat kill safety which resists overheating. For maintaining natural humidity within the air, the infrared heat is very good which also ensures that the room is not dried up. A 1-year guarantee is provided and the customer service is also very excellent. 
  • Multi operating modes: There is a touch screen on the front panel along with burning logs color and five flame modes and also includes mode of five flame speeds and 5 different levels of flame brightness. A special automatic design is also there which changes the brightness and the flame color automatically. There is a timer control of one hour to eight hours. Other modes include an operating distance of 8m remote control and sleep modes which puts all lights down while warming. 
  • Fashion designed: The design of 2-sided interior brick wall makes the fireplace well fashioned. It is constructed with a thick tempering glass of 7mm and the black finishing adds beauty. This insert is coordinated with stunning and gorgeous lifelike dancing flames and burning log effect thus completing the beautiful fireplace. 
  • The product comes with a user’s manual, heater insert and a remote control.

Special feature of this product:

  • Lifelike Flame Effects: 

The five-flame color mode includes colors such as Yellow, Red, Blue, Orange, and an Automatic Mode and the five LED burning logs color mode includes colors of like Red, Orange, Yellow, and Automatic Mode. This Automatic mode is a unique feature of this fireplace. This feature will change the LED and flame color automatically and will ensure that your room is turned into an amazing and modern ambiance. 

2. R.W. FLAME 39″ Electric Fireplace Insert

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  • Two heat settings along with energy saving: This R.W. Flame fireplace insert is of 39” and comes with a 750W & 1500W heat setting for different weathers and rooms and can be modified accordingly for energy saving and heating purpose. It contains an energy-saving LED technology too. It can be operated without or with heat and also comes with a supplemental zone heating which is for up to 400 square feet. 
  • Safety: This pellet stove insert is ETL Certificate Approved and has a 170cm power cable. It is a wall fitted fireplace heater with ice flame and LED fire. For avoiding overheating of the insert, it has a safety of auto-heat kill. The ultraviolet heat is good enough to maintain the natural moisture within the air and ensuring that the room is not too dry. 
  • Many operating modes: The different modes such as touch screen on the front panel, a four flame color and burning log color mode with colors such as red, orange, blue and automatic mode where the automatic mode will change the colors automatically for an excellent ambience of your room, a five flame speed modes, a five flame level of brightness, a Special automatic design for changing the brightness and flame color automatically, a timer control of 1 hour till 8 hours with a remote control operating distance of 8m and a sleep mode enabling the shutting down of lights while heating are included in this product. 
  • Classical design: This stove insert has a conventional antiqued design that has a mesh screen and glass door. A brick wall design of 3-sided interior along with four top designed light modes, an effect of realistic and natural dancing flames and burning log will surely give your room a dreamy ambience. 
  • The product comes with a remote control, user’s manual and a heater insert.

3. Midwest Hearth Wood Stove Insert

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  • Superior quality: The improvement of the product is continuously done by the chemical and ceramic engineers of the manufacturer, thereby making this stove insert with the highest quality in the market.
  • Money saving: This stove insert uses less wood for generating the same heat as others. This can save up to 1/3rd the cost of the wood cord and can continuously burn for up to eight hours longer as with a normal stove which is non-catalytic.
  • Five-year prorated warranty: A 5-year warranty is given with this product which guarantees the quality of the product. These combustors claim very less percentage of defects or faults in the manufacturing line and the claims of warranty are just 0.4%, which is well below the industrial average. 
  • Reducing pollution: This Midwest Hearth wood stove insert has the capacity to eliminate 70% of harmful and dangerous emissions from wood stove and thus keeps the air clean and purified and your family members healthy.
  • Increased safety: This catalytic stove insert prevents the building up of a chemical known as creosote thereby reducing the risks of fires in the house. Data shows that since 1990, catalytic stoves are used which has gradually decreased the house fires due to this creosote by 75%. 

4. Napoleon Wood Burning Fireplace Insert.

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This fireplace insert is EPA certified and has the following features:

  • Easy operation: The operation of this fireplace insert is very easy and thus you can obtain clean and hygienic burning fires along with radiating heat with a marginal amount of wood and work. 
  • Stylish design: This fireplace insert is designed as a perfect fit and is stylish which has that potential to bring the amazing beauty of roaring fire and a sense of satisfaction.
  • Two heat settings: This Napoleon fireplace insert comes with a complete trim and surround with 2 strong heat circulating blowers with a 100 CFM i.e., Cubic feet per minute. It has a stylish arched castes door made of iron. 
  • An effective air wash along with a combination of high temperatures, can keep the hygiene of the viewing glass and there are matching handles of spring which accompanies the door.
  • The 2 heat circulating blowers are very quiet.
  • The reasonable cost of 6″ pipe/tube (flue) ensures you the cost saving and effective installation and a lined firebox which is fully refractory can maintain your room’s inner temperatures which are essential for achieving less emissions and a complete combustion too.
  • It works in such a way where cold room air which circulates around the firebox is heated and again returned to your room. 
  • This fireplace insert is a high-tech design of non-catalytic which nearly reduces the need for a catalytic combustor which is made of delicate ceramic and can depreciate over time.

5. US Stove wood burning fireplace Insert

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  • This US Stove 2200i stove insert is EPA certified and is also approved for all the states. It features a substantial cast iron door which has a cold touch stainless steel along with a ceramic glass window which is air washed thus allowing you to enjoy the stunning view of the burning fire and this makes the look of your room amazing. This is an insert which is air-tight which can actually improve the efficiency of the fireplace and requires minimal maintenance. This fireplace insert also comes with a Hearth Surround which completely encloses your existing fireplace and its installation can be made very easy because this stove insert is well equipped with an automatic adjustment of spring load. This US stove fireplace insert can heat up to a square foot of 1,800 and it accepts logs length of 18″. A firebrick is linked to this fireplace which helps to hold the heat and captivate the energy which brings more heat directly in the room. 

6. Comfortbilt Fireplace/Pellet Stove Insert

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  • This Comfortbilt pellet stove insert has a whopping 42,000 BTUs (British Thermal Units) as the blower is very powerful and has the capacity of heating the room size of 1700-2000 square feet. It has 47 lbs. of Ash Pan or a Hopper Capacity and has a very high efficiency of 110 Volt along with settings of programmable heat or an auto ignition feature. The installation of this fireplace insert is easy and contains a large view window area with a bay design. A one-year warranty is given with this product and it is EPA certified. 

 7.Timberwolf Economizer Pellet stove Insert

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  • This Timberwolf pellet stove insert has the capacity to heat up to a square foot of 2,000 and has a compressed pellet of fuel which makes burning process very efficient. A burn time of thirty hours is taken by the insert and it has a hopper capacity of forty-five pounds. The heating power of the fireplace insert is a whopping 38,250 BTUs. These features of the Timberwolf pellet stove insert make it an economical source for heating ensures your room a very stylish and magnificent look with providing the warranty for limited lifetime.

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