DVD VCR combos for sales

Top 8 Best DVD VCR combos for sales review in 2019.

Are you tired of looking for ways to play your VHS tapes and DVDs which you used in the earlier times in individual players? Do you miss those old tapes and CDs? Do you want to watch them again and bring those old memories back into your life and refresh your beautiful moments? Do you think that it is possible to bring those times again in your life using a single medium? If no, then start thinking because there is a medium through which you can actually go back into your memories and cherish them again. That one single medium that you are looking for is a “DVD/VCR combo” in which you can insert both your VHS tapes in VCR player and your DVDs in your DVD player. It is not always possible to purchase both the players to insert your tapes and DVDs and go through the tiresome task of fixing the players simultaneously and connecting them with your TV. Thus, here comes the master-blaster DVD/VCR combo allowing you to insert both your tapes and DVDs together. Because of this, you don’t have to purchase both the players and go through the trouble of fixing the cables and connecting them with your TV. 

Now comes the job of selecting a suitable DVD/VCR combo according to your requirements from a wide range of same products. Yeah it becomes hard to find the best one from a pool of varieties available in the markets. But don’t worry about it, here we have compiled information about different DVD/VCR combos that you can select from. Check them out: 

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Top 7 Best DVD VCR combos for sales review in 2019.

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1. Funai Corp. DV220FX4 Combination Video and DVD Player (2014 Model).

Funai Corp. DV220FX4 Combination Video and DVD Player (2014 Model).

DVD/VCRs combos are tough to find but this product is perfect with a reasonable pricing. This is a product by Funai corporation which comes with a Dolby digital output and a progressive scan video output. There is a S video output, a line in recording on VHS from cable/satellite box which allows you to record TV shows directly from the Cable or Satellite directly on your VHS when you set the channel of the show you want to tape. For this product, 2 AA size batteries are required which are included in this. The visual and sound qualities are excellent, and also the setting up of the product is very easy. It works fine with the old VHS tapes as well as the new DVDs. Also, the size of the unit is compact which takes a very little space. The product comes with RCA cables i.e., Audio/Video cables. Also, you can program for timer recording. A 1-year warranty is given by Funai corporation. There is a 4 head record unit for VHS, coaxial connector at the back is provided, and subtitles do work in this DVD. The cable boxes can be connected to view cable channels in this player.

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2. Philips DVP3340V DVD VCR Combo.

Philips DVP3340V DVD VCR Combo.

This product is by Philips with a progressive scan. It allows dubbing and recording to VHS video tapes and it supports formats like DVD, DVD-R/+R, MP3/WMA, CD, CD-R-RW, JPEG picture CD. The 2 AAA batteries are required in this product. This is a HiFi VCR allowing you to play VHS video tapes and records your favorite TV shows and programs. It comes with a compact 360mm width size. This is an ultimate all in one player which plays your collections of movies in DVDs and VHS tapes. This is the only player that increases convenience and maximizes your movie watching experience. It has an easy set up and easy to use, and comes with a line-in feature of recording. You can record different medias to VHS video tape very easily. Beyond the DVDs and VHS, it also recognizes DVD+R/RW, CD-R/RW, (S)VCD, DVD-R/RW, and DVD+R DL discs, and can play JPEG and MP3 and the digital camera photos which are stored in these formats. 

Special features are:

  • A direct dubbing feature for an easy transferring of videos from a DVD to VCR:

This button allows you to record from a DVD disc without any complex input/output for separates or a menu system selection.

  • A progressive scan component video for Optimized Image Quality:

A Progressive Scan can double the vertical resolution of the picture which results in a prominently sharp picture. A full image is created instantly, using the greater resolution. At such a speed, your eye observes a sharper picture with a no line structure. 

The product includes a warranty leaflet of 1 year, a remote, a quick start guide book, a user manual, an audio-video cable, and 2 AAA batteries and has Dolby digital decoders.

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3. Sony SLV-D300P Progressive-Scan DVD-VCR Combo.

Sony SLV-D300P Progressive-Scan DVD-VCR Combo.

This comes with a progressive scan referred to as 480p.  The combo allows you to watch movies and also VHS recording and much more. It supports different formats, such as DVD+R, DVD-R, DVD+RW, MP3 CD, DVD-RW, JPEG image CD and S-VHS tape (at VHS resolution). The DVD bookmark, resume play and picture zoom, parental lock and a screen saver are special features of this unit. A 4 head VCR assures you a smooth slow-motion play along with HiFi sound and 19-micron heads for clear and sharp images from EP (Extended play) recordings. It also includes multi-brand remote that operates most TVs. 

This product comes with a RF output for DVD and VCR, a component video output and S-video output for DVD, optical and coaxial digital output for DVD with Dolby digital decoders and a DTS multi-channel digital audio output. It also includes an instruction manual guide, a 75-Ohm coaxial cable for video with a F type connector and an RCA type Audio/Video card. Even if you have an HDTV in your home, this product delivers its full potential.

Also, the VCR offers you 1 month, 8 event advance programming to the commercial skip. The hassle-free connections are obtained for your gaming console or camcorder because it plugs right into the front panel. The product also comes with an RF cable which will transmit VHS video and audio to your TV, and has a multi-lingual display (English, French, Spanish). The product contains batteries (2 AA), user’s manual guide, coaxial video cable, and a stereo analog audio interconnect/composite-video cable, along with the warranty information.

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4. Sanyo DVW-7200 DVD/VCR Combo, DVW-7200.

Sanyo DVW-7200 DVD/VCR Combo, DVW-7200.

This product comes with a progressive scan and is compatible with music CD/CR-R formats and a component video and S-video output for a great image. It has a 19-micron heads along with a 4 head HiFi VCR. It contains a DVD player on one side of the combo and a VCR on the other. It has all the basic jacks you’ll need for an excellent picture quality as well as sound quality. The jacks provided are component composite/AV and a coax. There is a requirement of 2 AA batteries. You can also record anything currently playing on your TV screen in VHS. The product consists of a coaxial in and out cable along with RCA cables and a remote control.

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5. Sony SLVD360P VCR/DVD Combo.

A Combination of DVD Player and a HiFi VCR with a progressive Output (480p) and a 4-head HiFi stereo. It comes with 19 Micron Heads for maximized EP recordings. You can enjoy your desired DVD movies and VHS tapes without having the need to change the different types of equipments. The features of this product are an immediate Replay & advanced slow/fast playback along with the sound features of (S-VHS Quasi Playback) SQPB, an Optical/Coaxial digital output element or S Video Flash Rewind Output feature for rewinding T One twenty tape in sixty seconds. It plays JPEG discs, DVD-R/RW, DVD Video, DVD+R/RW which also includes Content protection for recordable media (CPRM)-protected programming. The formats are MP3 CDs, VCD and SVCD Front/Rear AV inputs for VHS player. A Multi-brand TV remote and a 19 Micron Heads for increased EP recordings and an auto head cleaner. Other DVD functions include instant replaying, parental lock and picture zoom.

The VCR offers one month, eight event enhanced programming and a commercial skip too. It also ensures you hassle free connections when the camcorder or gaming console is plugged right into the forward-facing panel.

Connections in combo units are often troublesome, compelling you to use different video hookups for each and every section (VCR, DVD), a common difficulty for some TVs. This unit has a single RF Coaxial cable or composite video connection with a TV which will display whichever the DVD or the VCR signals, which depends on the format you’re viewing. If you’re viewing DVD in a S-video/component-video, then you will have to use two inputs.

The RF cable transmits DVD/VHS video and audio directly to the TV, having a different languages onscreen display (Spanish, French and English), and a well-lit remote of DVD/VCR that can operate most varieties of TV.

The product consists of Remote Commander, remote batteries (2 AA), a user’s manual guide, a RF video cable along with warranty information.

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6. Samsung DVD-V2000 VCR DVD Combo.

Samsung DVD-V2000 VCR DVD Combo.

This is a Four-head HiFi VCR and DVD player combo with a double mode optical pickup which is attuned with CD, CD-R/CD-RW media formats having an in-built MP3 decoder which playback the audio files from the above-mentioned discs formats hence delivering amazing picture and sound qualities with Dolby Digital decoders. It comes with an excellent quality section video terminal of output and a S-video output which are compatible with TVs. It has a full-size stereo headphone output of (i.e., a .25-inch) along with a rotary volume controller system. It has an excellent feature of optional videotape outputs which makes it ideal for using with both new HDTVs and older ones. Also, there is another feature of Chapter Digest that provides thumbnail images thus enabling easy access to DVD Videos. It also comes with parental control systems, a twenty-track memory that is programmable along with bookmarking. This product requires only 2 hookups that are from a cable box or a TV to the unit and from the unit to the cable box or TV thus saving space. The 2 times audio playback will let you hear the movie or music while you search something else, while other DVDs are mute. Also, the player’s Phantom Surround processor will simulate a surround-sound effect while using only 2 speakers. 2 AA batteries are required and also one RF input output is needed for VHS tapes, giving you a choice of coaxial/optical audio-digital outputs.

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7. Panasonic DMR-ES30VS DVD Recorder/VCR Combo.

Panasonic DMR-ES30VS DVD Recorder/VCR Combo.

An excellent feature of this space saving combo is that you can watch and record programs at the same time simultaneously. The DVD recording formats are DVD-RAM, DVD+R media, DVD-R, DVD-RW with a progressive scanning. There is a unique feature about this product and that is a Chasing Playback which allows you to watch a recording of DVD even before it’s finished recording. It has three units combined in one: A DVD player, DVD recorder and a 4 head HiFi VCR. The DVD recorder allows you to record the TV shows to DVD media for up to 8 hours on a one-sided DVD-RAM or DVD-R/RW or DVD+R, many thanks to the Variable Bit Rate (VBR) technology of Panasonic. It has a rewritable DVD-RW to record and share your TV shows. The image quality is amazing and you also will get the advantage of browsing through your recordings via thumbnails. You can also take a backup of your old videos by getting them to DVD and thereby preserving your memories forever.

The Time Slip Button allows you to playback simultaneous recordings even of the old recordings. It means that you can select the current week’s show (using the EPG i.e., Electronic Program Guide) and record it along with playing the last week’s recordings.

Also, you have an additional feature of transferring your VHS recordings to space saving and durable discs. There is a Direct Navigator which can instantly access the recorded material from an onscreen menu which lists recording times, dates, titles and channels. The process of finding and viewing recorded material are easy, because you don’t need to search or fast-forward, or rewind your recordings. Also, with 1 touch 2-way transferring, you can convert a VHS tape to DVD by just pressing a single button and vice-versa. This 1 touch DVD recording saves your shows from any accidental overwriting and thus you don’t have to stress about it anymore. This is done by automatic scanning of the disc for finding blank space before actually starting the recording. You can also record a show to VHS along with simultaneously playing or recording something else on DVD.

The product contains a remote, its batteries, a user’s manual guide, a coaxial RF video cable, an AC power cord, a warranty/registration card and a stereo analog audio/composite-video cable (RCA).

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